Burda Three-to-two Trick

From Burda Lace Knitting Special 294, pattern 18.

Many lace patterns have a design, like a diamond or a leaf, that decreases along both sides, and comes to a tip with three stitches. The standard way to finish this point is to decrease the three stitches with (sl 1, k2tog, psso) or something like it, which gives you a single stitch coming off the tip. Well, this pattern used a trick that produces TWO stitches, so that it appears the edge lines CROSS at the tip. Here's how it's done:

Slip one, knit 2 together, YO, pass the slipped stitch over both the knit stitch and the YO. (The instructions actually describe it in a more complicated way, but this is how it works. The chart symbol Burda used is an X with the bottom filled in.)

My first experiments with this trick resulted in what I believe to be a new lacy background pattern, which I call the Diamond Ring Mesh.

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