String and Air:
the fascination of knitting

Knitting is a medium that provides endless depths for exploration and discovery.
The dimensions are fiber, structure, texture, and color.
The results are as varied as imagination.

A note and an apology!

(July 2011)
I've let this website get so out of date that I'm completely embarrassed! Yet people keep coming and keep liking the things I have here, for which I am humbly grateful.

The most awkward issue is that there are bad contact information and dead links on so many of the pages. My email address is, if you need to write to me. The old CTS address that's in the footers of most of the pages is for an account that has been closed for many years now.

Like many knitters, I have moved most of my activity to Ravelry, where I'm known as (surprise!) TiaJudy. Please look for me there. I intend to work over, rewrite, and reformat my patterns and offer them there as PDFs. As long as this String and Air website remains active--and it's my own domain and email provider as well as web host, so I plan to keep it active--the original versions of my patterns will remain here unrevised and for free.

Below are a few things I've added to the site and never got around to putting in their proper places:

(9 October 2007)
I've posted a nifty way to do a hem-like side edging on a scarf or shawl, called the Riga Scarf Edging after the city where the model scarf was discovered.

(July 2011)
I was told that my Baby Cable Cap as originally designed was a bit too short. I have just posted a corrected version. This should fix it!

I've also uploaded a preliminary version of another baby cap, the Frosty Days Chullo. This one is trickier than it looks, since it's a double-thick slip-stitch pattern for extra warmth. Just what you want for mid-summer knitting, eh? Please let me know if you find errors or are confused by the instructions.

Knitted Lace

Perhaps the ultimate knitting challenge is lace knitting. This section contains my explorations of knitted lace, and patterns for the designs that result.

Original Patterns

You're more likely to find curiosities in this section than sweaters. Knitted balls, socks done from the toe up, doll clothes, and whatever little puzzle grabs my attention next. All my patterns are indexed here, including those that are also kept in the lace section.

Tidbits for Knitters

Just handing out some helpful items and explanations I've developed along the way!

A Knitter's Gallery

While most of what is on this site is based on my own ideas and designs, one of the best ways to get ideas and to learn new things is to knit other peoples' designs. So of course I do a lot of that, too. This gallery displays photos of these pieces.

Judy's Dropped Balls

Here's where to look if you can't find something you're pretty sure you remember seeing on this site somewhere. Half-baked ideas, horses changed in the middle of the stream, passing fancies, and other undeveloped ideas find their refuge on the Dropped Ball page.

Are you learning to knit?

Or teaching somebody? Streaming video of beginning knitting lessons are online free from Common Threads, a local yarn shop near me. They also offer full access to a library of videos of advanced techniques for a small membership fee.

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