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These three socks show various combinations of the options that were given in my Cybersocks class on the Socknitters Home Page in March of 2000. All use the round heel shaping and have standard wedge toes and 2x2 ribbing.

The rust-and-gold sock on the right uses the simplest color chart, the 2-stitch repeat, and the heel is done in salt-and-pepper stockinette (alternating colors every stitch), which gives double thickness for cushioning and better wear. The yarn is Silja sock yarn, which is soft and has gotten a bit fuzzy from wear and washing. I think I knitted these socks on size 3 needles. I probably should have used a tighter gauge, and I will when I use this yarn again. I like it for its selection of bright clear colors.

The dark olive-and-natural sock in the center uses the 8-stitch repeat chart, and the heel is plain stockinette, which I always think comes out a bit baggy. It's in Socka 50 at 8 stitches per inch on #2 US needles. It is used in the lesson on how to handle gusset decreases without messing up the color pattern. I am very pleased with this sock.

The white-and-navy sock on the left demonstrates the use of the complex chart and seam spacer, which was the extra-credit unit in the first lesson. The heel is done in the well-known "heel stitch," which I like because it makes a snug and cushioned heel. The sock is patterned only on the leg, partly because I wasn't sure if the pattern would fit on the foot without running into the shaping, and partly because I thought it would look silly. The yarn is glittery white and navy blue Woolease, worked on size 5 needles to give a gauge of 6 stitches per inch.

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