Variations on the Yarnball

Deborah Robinson's Moon

[A lacy interpretation of the yarnball as the moon]

Using crochet cotton, metallic thread, silver and gold colored beads, and black stuffing, British lacemaker Deborah Robinson started from the yarnball pattern and created the Moon!

This is for a children's story she's writing about penguins combined with lace pattern book for The Young Lacemakers, the junior section of The Lace Guild. The Lace Guild is an educational charity, based in the UK but with a world-wide membership. The story will include small lace projects in several kinds of lacemaking. This is the knitted one.

For other lace-promoting projects of this talented lacer, see the CD2000 project. The Lace Guild is at

Eve Gives it a Swirl

[yarnball with white and purple spiraled sections] Eve in Louisiana took a hint from my comment that I was trying to design a spiralling yarnball when I came up with my version. My attempt was less than successful. Hers hit the mark!

She gave her pattern as a contribution to the 1999 Knitlist Gift Exchange, and the pattern will be archived at their site.

Good work, Eve! Now I can sleep nights, knowing that the spiral can be done . . .

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