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Lacy Knitters Guild

This newsletter-based international organization rescues old lace knitting patterns by translating them into modern terminology and publishing them in their newsletters. Patterns are test-knitted, re-charted, and in many cases also given as written-out instructions. In some cities there are groups of Lacy Knitters who actually meet, but you can participate fully by mail.

As of the end of 2010, the cost in the US was $15 per year for four newsletters ($18 outside the US). To join the guild, contact Lew Deyong, 104 Earl Ave., Roseville, CA 95678-3214. Lew’s phone is 916-782-7490, and his email is applewis (at)


The lace mecca of the west is Lacis in Berkeley. All kinds of lacemaking supplies, accessories, and publications, as well as new and old lace fabrics. Visiting this shop is an experience that can't be duplicated online (yet)!

Southern Californian lace knitters find their haven at Velona in Orange County. They have a wide assortment of threads, and also piles of Burda and Lavori and other more obscure lace publications.

I recently got some wonderful laceweight merino (bright colors, too!) and friendly speedy service from Molly at the Weaver's Loft. She features yarn, yarn, yarn, and also a wide range of needles. Ask her to send the catalog; at this point there's not a lot on this young website.

I'm drooling over the catalog from Sandy Terp's Moonrise, though I haven't bought anything from her (yet!). She sells many unusual items, including a circular brass gauge for measuring the finest lace needles. Her ads in the knitting mags feature a different item each time: look for them.


I have a growing library of lace knitting books and magazines. I plan to develop an annotated list of these. Don't hold your breath!

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