Enchanted Lace Jacket, designed by Joan Schrouder

Lori's finished Enchanted Lace Jacket Several members of the lace knitting list began knitting this lovely garment in January of 1998. Lori (lmonaco@VESTRUST.COM) is coordinating their efforts and producing regular progress reports to the list. The photo at the left is her finished jacket!

[More photos: See the official package photo (84K) and information on how to find the pattern, and Lori's three photos of the finished jacket (107K).]

My contribution to the project will be to provide an archive for the official communiqués that Lori issues from time to time. I'm not knitting the jacket myself, and so I can't answer any questions. Please direct questions to Lori (above), so that the answer will be shared with everyone!

Here are the newsletters:

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