Judy Drops the Ball

Sure you saw something on this website and now for the life of you, you can't find it anywhere? No, you're not losing your mind! I often post things to this site that I'm talking about on one knitting list or another, linking it from the "what's new" box on the String and Air page, and then when I update that page the reference is lost. Sometimes these are whole projects that I have abandoned in mid-stream, and sometimes they're just photos of something I wanted to show.

However, the web pages and photos are still on my server, and can still have some use--if only to demonstrate how easily I am distracted! Here are my loose ends and dropped balls. DON'T write to me and ask for the patterns. If I had ever finished these, the patterns would be on my Original Patterns page!

Frosty Days Cap--Test version posted June 2006!
This cap is knitted throughout in Eye of the Partridge stitch for double-thick warmth. It's international in inspiration, with earflaps with tassels, inspired by Andean chullos, and an edging of Estonian knitted braid.
Hand Bag
A visual pun, donated as an auction item for Leigh Witchel's Dance As Ever fundraiser in 1999. I hope to produce a chart for the lily design one of these days.
Milk and Honey
A Star of David pattern I developed for a bride who was looking for a design for her chuppah. Photos and concept only; I have not written out the pattern.
Bath Puff
Based on the Turkish Stitch (below), this bath puff is not really successful, as the gathered ends make a big lumpy knob in the middle. I keep meaning to give this another try.
Acanthus Clock Socks and Festive Knitting
This one's really on my conscience! I announced a cybersocks class on this subject for the Socknitters list, and have never followed through on it. Here's all I've got.
Hexagonal Mesh
Experiments in increasing in the standard hexagonal mesh pattern that's often used in lace tablecloths. This experiment reflects an ongoing interest in manipulations of background pattern stitches.
Mantilla for Josefina
My experiments in seeking a suitable pattern for a mantilla for my American Girl doll, Josefina. A swatch of a Shetland pattern in silk is as far as I ever got.
Circular Turkish Stitch
A circular rendition of a classic faggotting stitch pattern, suitable for items from shopping bags to panty hose, with tips on increasing and decreasing
Puppy Paws
A simple eyelet stitch pattern that looks like a paw print, and suggestions for using it in a shawl
Ostrich Plumes
This one's just a passing fancy--an intricate German doily pattern has an intriguing element I'd like to follow up on.
Starry Night Doily Puzzle
A project in correcting a confusing instruction in a published pattern, and the surprises that ensued. This one I HAVE charted out, but have not yet put into electronic format. Maybe someday.
Wisteria Lace Pattern
An original lace pattern and an exercise in lace charting

Some stray photos

I'm not even sure why I took these photos and can't find any associated text or emails. . .

From a trip to Peru and Bolivia, photos of some Andean knitters
Filet knitting--a technique that imitates filet crochet. This is a photo of a picture in a Burda lace special
Lace Egg--I knitted a round version of one of the Burda easter egg designs. This is blocking it on a tiny balloon.
Oma at 81--this is the Oma who knitted the original Oma's Lace doily which I interpreted.
Towel trims--photo of some lace-trimmed towels I did for gifts

If you didn't find it here . . .

Maybe it's in my Tips and Tricks section or Photo Gallery.

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