Circular Feather-and-Fan Cloth

This design is based on the pattern I developed for an antique lace centerpiece, which I called Oma's Lace. It has been modified here to reduce the number of repeats so that the piece will lie flat regardless of the size of yarn used, and to make the plain center portion a bit smaller. It should be a good design for a washcloth, a doily, or a decorative mat.

I have now done this in fingering weight (baby) cotton on 2's--shown here in lavender--and it comes out 10 inches in diameter and somewhat flimsy (to my taste). I also did it in worsted weight cotton on 6's--in red--and got almost a rug: 16 inches in diameter and very thick. It loses nearly all its lacy qualities in that yarn. I have had one report from someone who knitted it in sport weight yarn and says it's perfect for a facecloth at that weight. Mary Lee Herrick sent me a photo of a shawl she made by working this pattern in purple wool!

Photo of cloth worked in two different gauges of yarn.

I welcome reports from anyone who tries this, and would like to know how the pattern worked for you, and what size thread and needles you used, and what size it came out.


00 = yo twice
/ = knit 2 together
| = knit
ssk = slip one stitch knitwise, slip another knitwise, knit the two together

Be sure to place a safety pin or other marker at the beginning of the round, and use a ring marker around the needle at the beginning of each pattern repeat, at least for the feather and fan portion.

Round 1: On double-pointed needles, cast on 8 stitches and join in a circle.

Rnds 2-3: knit plain.

Rnd 4: (yo, k1) x8 (= 16 sts)

Rnds 5-7: knit plain

Rnd 8: (yo, k1) x 16 (=32 sts)

Rnds 9-11: knit plain

Rnd 12: (yo, k2) x 16

Rnds 13-15: knit plain

Rnd 16: yo, k3) x 16

Rnds 17-19: knit plain

Rnd 20: (yo, ssk, OO, k2tog) x 16

Rnds 21-23: knit plain, doing a (k1, p1) into the OO

Rnd 24: (yo, k5) x 16

Rnds 25-27: knit plain


This chart reads from bottom to top, and from right to left. It shows only the pattern rounds. There are three rounds of plain knitting between each of the pattern rounds, and following the last pattern round.

In finer weight yarns, you may choose to finish by crocheting an 8-stitch chain, between clusters of stitches, grouping the stitches this way:

           0     0   0  0  <---crochet stitches pulling knitted
rnd (51)  /|\  /|||\ | /|\   <--- stitches together in groups
    (50)  |||  ||||| | |||

rnd 48    O|O  |///|  O|O|
rnd 44    O|O   ///|  O|O|
rnd 40    O|O   ///   O|O|

rnd 36     O    |//|  O|O|       | = knit
rnd 32     O     //|  O|O|       O = yarn over
rnd 28     O     //   O|O|       / = knit 2 together

In heavier yarns, just bind off very loosely. This will work for fine yarns as well.

If you'd like to make this larger, you can continue by following the Oma's Lace pattern from Round 2a (rnd 48 here is rnd 1c of Oma's).

Have fun with this! --Judy

Copyright by Judy Gibson, 1997 (Email to jgibson (at) cts (dot) com). This pattern may be used in any way, including printing for sale, as long as this notice stays with it.

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