American Girl Doll Socks

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Basic anklet socks for the American Girl doll

This pair of ankle length socks was done in Kroy sock yarn on size 1 needles. The cuffs are only 3/4" high on this example.
One each: red lace sock and camel cabled sock

The camel cabled knee sock is in Wildfoote on 1's, and the red lace sock is in laceweight merino on 1's.
Plain green knee socks

Plain green stockinette knee socks, in laceweight merino on 1's. The shoes were made by my friend Carol.
White stockinette over-the-knee stockings

Above-the-knee stockings in 50/2 silk thread. The slight spiralling effect was caused by my knitting one stitch off the next needle each time, to avoid the "ladder" that often occurs in circular stockinette. It never would have shown in wool, but silk is unforgiving of uneven tension.

29 July 1999

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