Using Acrobat Files

Many of the knitting patterns I have on my website are in the form of charts, saved as PDF or Acrobat files. This is because it's very difficult to produce HTML or plain text files that look the same for all viewers.

Adobe Acrobat is a program that produces files formatted and ready to send to the printer. It is the best way to distribute documents that can be used by anybody with any computer setup. The Adobe Reader is free and can be downloaded from Adobe's website at:

Files in Adobe Acrobat format carry the identifying filename extension ".pdf" for Portable Document File. They are often called PDF files instead of Acrobat files.

Many internet browsers will open PDF files in the browser window just as they would open any web page. If yours does this, then you're set. Just remember to use the "print" button that's part of the Acrobat display, not the usual one on your web browser.

If your browser can't handle the PDF file, you'll have to download the file and open it directly using the Adobe Acrobat Reader as a separate application.

If you don't know how to do this, read your browser's Help file, looking under "save file without opening" or "download file," or something like that. On a PC you should be able to do it by right-clicking the link and choosing "save as file." On a Mac, I think you can do it by holding down the command key while clicking on the link.

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