Three Flowers Hat

This bulky-weight rolled-brim cap is quick to knit, with a cheerful color pattern by Barbara Walker. Worked in Lamb's Pride Bulky on size 10 double point or circular needles, it will fit about a 20-inch head. Use a larger needle for a larger size.
[Flower pattern from Barbara Walker, in bulky yarn.] Instructions:

With green yarn, cast on 72 stitches and join in round. Knit one round. Break off green and begin yellow. Knit to about 2 inches total length.

Three Flowers Pattern
Note: this color pattern is a multiple of 10 stitches. The hat is on 72 stitches (to make the decreases work out), so there will be a gap of 2 stitches at the back. The following instructions allow for that, but if you work the hat on a different number of stitches, you'll need to make some adjustments.

1. knit 1 rnd green.
2. With green, p4, (p3 wrapping the yarn 3 times around the needle for each of the 3 stitches, p7) around, end p5. Break off green yarn.
3. With yellow, (sl 1 with yarn in back, k3, sl 3 dropping extra wraps, k3) around, end k 5.
4. With yellow, (sl 1 wyib, k3, sl 3, k3) around, end k5.
5. With yellow, k4, (sl 3, k7) around, ending at end of rnd.
6. Same as rnd 5.
7. With yellow, k to 2 sts before the green stitches, sl 2 sts to right needle, release first green stitch from left needle and slide the 2 sts back to the left ndl. K the green stitch, k the 2 yellow sts and the next green st and release the last green stitch. K 2 yellow sts and the green st. Do the same thing at each cluster of green stitches around.
8. With red, you will slip all sts wyib, except that you will work (p1, k1,p1) in the stitch at the end of each of the green "stems."
9. With red, again slip all yellow sts wyib. At each set of three red sts, work a bobble: p the 3 sts, turn and k the 3 sts (or working backwards purl them right to left), turn and sl 1, p2tog, psso. When you have finished all the bobbles, break off red yarn.
10. With yellow, knit around, knitting the red stitches through the back loop to tighten the bobbles. The rest of the hat will be done in yellow.

[Detail of spiral decreases at top of hat.] Upper part of hat

Knit and inch and a half or two inches plain.
Work decreases at six evenly spaced points, every other round, with a plain round between, thus:
1. (k 10, k2tog) around. K one rnd.
3. (k 9, k2tog) around. K one rnd.
5. (k 8, k2tog) around. K one rnd.
Continue in this manner, until you have worked a round of (k3, k2tog) and a plain round.
Then continue decrease rounds without plain rounds between (which keeps the top from getting too pointy), until you have worked k2tog around.
Break off yarn and run the end through the remaining stitches twice and tie off.

This basic hat pattern can, of course, be used without the flower pattern, or a different color pattern can be used on the straight body portion of the hat. You should allow two inches for the rolled cuff and about three inches for the body (with color pattern as desired) before beginning the top decreases. There are some color charts with my pattern for the similar Scottie Beanie pattern. Oh, and a Pelican.

Copyright statement: This is an original design by Judy Gibson, 2003. Permission is granted to print and use this pattern for personal noncommercial use, provided this notice is included. No commercial use or publication of this design--in hard copy or electronic form--are permitted without explicit consent from the designer. Contact:

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